Day 11

We are on day 11 of our American Adventure. Currently we are at Elephant Butte Lake Park in New Mexico. It’s a beautiful sunshiny day. This morning we took a walk down to the lake. The kids saw some geckos, lots of quail, rabbits and roadrunners hanging out here too. We’ve chosen to stay here for five days because it is so awesome.

Our journey began October 30 when we left Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. We crossed the US border that day into Montana and ended up camping at an RV park in Glendive Montana. The next day we drove to Sundance Wyoming, past the Devils Tower. That night it snowed and we felt an urgency to move on.

We drove to Douglas Wyoming out of the snow and into strong winds that forced us to stop and get a spot at a KOA campground. It was quite nice, but again we woke up to snow the next morning. We moved on that day all the way through Colorado to Raton New Mexico. Finally, we found warm weather.  It was 20 degrees celcius by 10 o’clock that morning and the kids made some new friends at the playground.  We packed up and drove down to Edgewood New Mexico, where we spent a few days at the Route 66 RV park. We did a little exploring, did some laundry in Alburquerque and rested. We decided to head south from there and ended up here in Elephant Butte Park.

We ended up in the state park by a happy accident.  I had called an RV park in Truth or Consequences to find a place for the night.  They had room so we drove over there.  After I payed, found out that this park was a 55+ park and we would have to keep the kids couped up in the trailer while we were there.  The lady running the office was super friendly and recommended that we try the state park.  We are glad we did.

3 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Found your blog from George and Suzie’s blog. Welcome to the states! There’s lots to see and do in the Southwest and I’m sure you and the children will love exploring it this winter.


  2. I love Elephant Butte Lake State Park! I was there with my dog a few weeks ago and hated to leave. I’m sorry you had a rough few days with the weather when you started out, but for the most part you’ll have good weather in the southwest. Especially this time of year. Beautiful sun shot over the mountain. 🙂

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